Bend, Oregon

We live in a beautiful place!  Central Oregon is an embarrassment of riches:  alpine mountains and lakes, the Deschutes River going right through the center of town (plus, many other rivers nearby), Mt. Bachelor for fantastic skiing and snow-boarding, Smith Rock State Park for world-class rock climbing, volcanic buttes and caves to explore.  The sports that are available to do on any given day include mountain biking, fishing, golfing, skiing, hiking, camping, climbing, spelunking –  the list is endless.

However, I wonder what else is out there and I long for my children to see America.  We live in an amazing country!  Many people choose to travel outside the States and I am interested in doing that one day too.  But…we live in an amazing country that I want to see before I die, and I want to expose my children to this vast, varied country – it will be an educational experience that they will never forget.

Come visit us in Bend, Oregon.  You won’t regret it!  We put up links that might help you take the plunge.


  1. Sharon McCarthy says

    I wish you the best on your journey. I hope it is a wonderful, enlightening and family bonding experience.
    I hope you come back to Bend. My fear is that you will find some other amazing place and leave us:(
    You are all very brave!

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