Anacortes Brewery

The Anacortes Brewery/Rockfish Grill is usually what I think of when I visit a brew pub. The pub is welcoming with a long wooden bar and mirrors and taps behind it. I immediately felt at home when I went in to fill my growler.

Located on the north end of Fidalgo Island, the town of Anacortes is a port town on the Puget Sound. The harbor was filled with pleasure boats as well as fishing boats, and a ship yard with building some sort of vessel across the street from the pub. When I was tasting brews, I sat next to a few dock workers who had just gotten off a shift.

When I asked the bartender what was their signature brew, he was somewhat unhelpful. He was a little busy but was not really willing to suggest anything. The locals recommended the Yippee IPA, so that is what I filled it with. Lesson learned: when choosing a brew, ask the people at the bar. This is a rule that I think needs to be followed from here on out.

We spent the night at Washington Park, a municipal campground maintained by the City of Anacortes. While we sipped the IPA, the mosquitos sipped on us. We enjoyed the IPA, so I suspect that the mosquitos did as well. Per the bartender, the Yippee IPA is a variation on their standard IPA, with additional hops and a few different varieties. I found this version of the IPA to be much better than their normal version. It was very hoppy and slightly bitter, with a nice aftertaste. The only disappointment I had was the price. At $16.00 before taxes, this is the priciest growler I have ever filled.

Funny story: I left the brewery and was half way down the block when one of the locals chased me down. I had explained our trip to them and my efforts to fill the growler as we travelled. He recalled that we were headed over the pass to Okanogan, and he insisted that I visit the Old Schoolhouse Brewer in Winthrop. This was also great advice and I have written about that here.

[googleMap name=”Anacortes Brewery” width=”400″ height=”400″]320 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221[/googleMap]

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