New York is Awesome!

Niagara Falls was our first big thing.  It was awesome.  I purchased a souvenir; it is a picture of the Niagara Falls at night and it came with a pencil and some notes.  We took the Maid of the Mist boat and we got to get up close to the falls.  We saw the Canadian border; it looked like they went behind the waterfall.  We also went on a trolley and rode around the state park here.  They had a big dam on the Canadian side to control the water levels.

The next day we went to the Erie Canal lock and canal tour.  We rode a boat and went in a man-made cave.  It was cool; we got to see fool’s gold and a shaft you could see all the way up to the outside but it was blocked.

We went to Letchworth and met new friends at the campground.  The let us stay at their house the next night.  We enjoyed making more new friends.  We went to Corning Glass Museum by their house.  We got to see some demonstrations and we got to volunteer for one.  We got to break some glass.  My brother was trying to break a sphere (egg-shaped) made out of glass and he couldn’t do it and he only got a chip off.  Then she flipped the egg over and she put in a needle and I picked up the needle and I dropped it and the egg shattered into pieces.  My brother was mad because he tried so hard to break it but all the stress was on the other side of the egg and the needle went right through it.  We received glass figurines since we volunteered.

We did a lot of fun stuff in New York by the Finger Lakes and met a ton on new kids.  We also went to Lake Placid and rode a train and went on an Olympic ski jump.  We also went to the capital.

We went to NYC after we went to toured New England.  We went to Ellis Island and received Junior Ranger pins.  We went up the Statue of Liberty and toured the pedestal.  We headed to the city via a ferry.  We walked around the city and got their famous pizza and toured the city.  So far, I would not call that the best pizza.  Back in Ohio, we went to Yolie’s Pizza which was the best!

We also went up the Empire State Building; my mom was too scared to go up.  When we were at the top with my dad and I saw the Statue of Liberty, it looked really tiny compared to it.  Literally, it looked like a speck.

We did a lot of walking and saw famous landmarks and museums.  We really did a lot here.  We had a great time in New York and I recommend going.


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