What the Frack is Your Problem?

Fracking, the newest environmental threat that people are talking about.  Environmentalists, of course, say it is bad for the environment polluting the water and surrounding area(s).  Discussions have also occurred that perhaps it actually causes earthquakes.  Of course there is another side to the story, as there always is, and that side consists of energy […]

Meeting New Friends

One of the things that we worried about before we left on the trip was the social aspect of leaving a school and neighborhood for one year.  Would the kids meet and play with other kids?  Would they miss their friends at home? Quickly, we realized that it was not going to be a problem […]

Flat Stanley, Finally Killed Off

Flat Stanley – an enjoyable book that my than six year-old loved reading so much that we purchased the sequel.  In fact, he made a Flat Stanley paper doll that we planned on taking on our various adventures.  Our school even planned on having other students send other Flat Stanleys that they planned to make […]

Back Behind the Orange Curtain

Our journey has taken a detour and so has this blog. About two weeks ago, we suspended our travels and found refuge with relatives in Orange County.  We had always planned to stop here, and only cut about a week off the trip, so this was not really a radical move.  But it has allowed us to […]

It’s Not Quite the End, But……

Today was a bit of a surprise, but then again it wasn’t.  We awoke in Death Valley National Park, with plans to drive to Mojave National Preserve, then Joshua Tree National Park.  About two hours into the journey, we lost interest and headed toward Orange County. The reasons for this were numerous:  It was hot […]