Hoh, Hoh, Hoh

We have not posted for a while as we have been out of range for cell service.  For the past six days, we have been in Olympic National Park, on the Pacific side. We spent the first night in the Hoh rain forest, and as expected, we got rained on.  But just a little.  According […]

Tales of the Growler, Three Sisters Brewery

While we were in Silverton, we attended two BBQ’s, plus we grilled on the 4th of July.  Nothing goes better with BBQ than cold beer, so I took the opportunity to fill a few growlers. I was able to visit the Seven Brides Brewery in Silverton to sample what they had to offer. The facility was relatively […]

The Final Push

Women remember what it was like to be in labor – painful, hard work?  Plus the fear and uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen during or after the process.  I am in labor, even though our 14,000 pound baby is already parked in the driveway.  Yes, I’m in a lot of pain – 14,000 […]